ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and promoting sustainability in all our business operations. We recognize the global challenges of modern-day slavery and the importance of environmental sustainability, and we are dedicated to taking meaningful steps to combat these issues. This document outlines our policies to address modern-day slavery and sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.

Modern Day Slavery Policy


Modern-day slavery includes forced labor, human trafficking, and other forms of exploitation. We prohibit these practices in our operations and supply chain.


a. ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD will adhere to all relevant national and international laws and conventions addressing modern-day slavery.

b. We will ensure that all our employees and suppliers are aware of our anti-slavery policy and the consequences of non-compliance.

c. Our employees and suppliers will be encouraged to report any concerns related to modern-day slavery, and we will establish a confidential reporting mechanism.

d. Our company will conduct due diligence to assess the risk of modern-day slavery in our supply chain.


If we identify instances of modern-day slavery within our supply chain, we will take appropriate actions, including disengagement from the supplier, reporting to relevant authorities, and providing support to victims as necessary.

Sustainability Policy


ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed to environmental sustainability and will integrate sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Environmental Responsibility

a. We will minimize our environmental impact through responsible resource management, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

b. ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD will actively seek sustainable alternatives for packaging and materials, favoring renewable and recyclable resources.

c. We will monitor our greenhouse gas emissions and set targets for reduction.

Supply Chain Sustainability

a. We will work with suppliers to encourage sustainable sourcing and production, promoting ethical labor practices and environmental responsibility.

b. Regular assessments of supplier sustainability performance will be conducted to ensure compliance with our standards.

Sustainable Innovation

ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD will actively seek innovative, sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental footprint, such as exploring clean energy options and sustainable transportation.

Employee Engagement

a. We will raise awareness and provide training to employees on sustainable practices.

b. ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD will encourage employees to contribute ideas and initiatives for sustainability improvements.

Monitoring and Reporting

We will regularly assess our modern-day slavery and sustainability policies and provide updates to stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors.


ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD is dedicated to combatting modern-day slavery and promoting sustainability. Our commitment to these policies reflects our responsibility as a global business entity and our dedication to ethical, sustainable, and responsible practices.

ITRUST DEVELOPMENTS LTD encourages all employees and stakeholders to familiarise themselves with these policies and actively support our efforts to combat modern-day slavery and promote sustainability.