About Us

iTrust is an independent speak up service that empowers both individuals and organisations to discover the truth.
Based on experience, we truly understand the needs of those who report wrongdoing and provide the highest quality reporting to those assessing their information.

We work tirelessly to deliver a professional service to both the organisation and the individuals who are at their core. With our extensive experience and unique approach, iTrust provides both technical and personal solutions for organisations who support those who wish to report their concerns and for those required to assess their information.

“Every week, I speak with companies about the performance advantages of having a healthy speak-up culture. Things like improved staff morale, lower staff turnover and reduced days lost through sickness have a direct and positive impact on productivity and ultimately profit.”

Nick Inge, CEO, iTrust

With a unique background and true understanding of what it takes to encourage people to speak up, iTrust has gained an enviable reputation for providing innovative solutions and a refreshing outlook in the speak up market. We provide a range of services that can be tailored to the needs and culture of any organisation.

This is what they are saying…

“We have already received constructive messages through the iTrust App, which has supported our programmes… It’s enabled our workforce to report things swiftly and discreetly to suggest a change or spread some positive news.”

Simon Hodge, Sports Connect
Our Services

Helping to Create Healthy Speak Up Cultures

iTrust was formed to allow the voices of those with knowledge of wrongdoing to be heard in a safe, anonymous and non-judgemental environment. It was also formed to allow positive voices to be heard, where praising colleagues or making a suggestion in the workplace in a supportive manner, helps transform culture.

The iTrust App

The iTrust app can be matched to your exact requirements.

Workshops & Education

Our speak up packages can be tailored to suit your needs.


We provide a comprehensive analysis of issues and opportunities, offering practical advice to bring about resolution and recommendations.